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Guess which state spends the most money on fast food

Published On 07/29/2013 Published On 07/29/2013
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As you might have gathered on your last trip abroad, there's this crazy perception that Americans inhale Big Macs like it's our national pastime. And while that may not be the case country-wide, our brethren in Oklahoma are certainly doing their part to uphold the U.S. claim to the fast food championship belt...which fits just a little snug nowadays. According to a study by the Intuit Consumer Spending Index, the folks in Oklahoma spent over $101 a month on fast food in May, which is more than any other state. In fact, their closest competitors were a full $20 behind; the residents of Arkansas and Kansas only dropped about $84 and $83 per month, respectively, on drive-thru dining. Unsurprisingly, the state with the lowest fast food spending was Vermont, which is probably too busy tapping maple syrup for its rustic B&Bs to visit Burger King. The VT monthly fast food budget totaled less than $28 a month, ranking even lower than the sum spent by those New York snobs, who paid just over $28 back in May. The fast food spending game might be over for New England, but if you call Kansas or Arkansas home, it's not too late to turn this thing around! Remember: ANY Mickey D's order can be a one-person meal if you try hard and believe in yourself.



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