10 old-school video game cakes that'll make you want to eat your controller

Ever wanted to bite Donkey Kong right in the head for being such a jerk with those barrels? Well now you can! And also eat away the Tetris pieces, because you know that long piece is never coming, and things are getting desperate. They're video game cakes, they're terrifyingly elaborate, and they're spectacular. And so without further ado, except for the ado that is occurring right now, we present 10 of the finest examples of all time.

Tetris cake
Pac-Man cake
Claudia's Cakes
Sonic the Hedgehog cake
Atari cake
Slippery Brick
Yoshi cake
Geeks Are Sexy
Space Invaders cake
Zelda cake
Donkey Kong cake
Nerdy Nummies
Q*bert cake