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The 1 Million-Calorie Lasagna Is the Best Way to Send Off 2016

Big Lasagna

Epic Meal Time is the gift that keeps on giving. And what it keeps giving are YouTube videos of gargantuan culinary monstrosities that no one asked for... but everyone wants to gawk at. For example, this cake-sized Oreo, or the world's unhealthiest salad. The latest installment? A bacon lasagna roughly as big as a golden retriever, clocking in at an unheard of 1 MILLION CALORIES.

For reference, that would be 1,776 Big Macs. Well, regular Big Macs. I feel like in this context it's important to specify.

Let's look at the numbers here. They included an artery-clogging 120 packs of bacon -- accounting for more than 308k calories on their own. And if that didn't stop your heart in its tracks, they soaked said bacon in 13.7k grams of rich, succulent duck fat.

Now, this is already enough calories to feed (and potentially kill) a family of four. But once you soak your bacon in 13,000g of duck grease, there's really no room for modesty. So here's how the full list of ingredients for this hedonistic lasagna rounded out:

  • 100lbs of pork
  • 120 packs of bacon
  • 13.7k grams of duck fat
  • 16 bottles of tomato cream sauce 
  • 15 bricks of lard
  • 10 cartons of cream
  • Five bricks of butter
  • Eight wheels of Brie cheese
  • 10 bags of mozzarella 

Eating the recommended average of 2,700 calories a day, this sucker would last 370 days, which is MORE THAN AN ENTIRE YEAR.

So yeah, my plans for 2017 are pretty much set. See you on the other side. Please bring Tums. 

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