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How Does the New Super-Thin Oreo Stack Up?

Laura Murray/Thrillist

Hold onto your butts, because a new Oreo is here... and it looks like your iPhone, as all mature-yet-still-totally-hip cookies should in 2015.

Oreo Thins, the new permanent Oreo cookies, are a nod to thin trends in "culture and technology," because obviously regular Oreos are about as cool as an iPod Classic. That, or Oreo has been reading a lot of '90s Vogue

Oreo Thins are 7.5mm thick exactly, and have the same taste and shape as the regular cookie -- they're just harder to see. You also can't really peel them apart and eat the two sides separately, and they're probably not great for dunking.

But before you call blasphemy, there are upsides to the crisp, thin format: you can hold more cookies at once, meaning you can fit more in your mouth at once. Really, you can go through an entire package of Oreos with double the speed that you used to. And you'll barely know you're doing it, because it feels like you're holding cookie-flavored air. Plus, you'll look pretty regal because they're so delicate -- and graceful gorging is really all we've ever wanted, anyway.

Laura Murray/Thrillist

Oreo also calls the Thins a more "grown-up treat," which essentially means it's 100% okay to keep eating like you're seven-years-old, as long as the food is nearly undetectable to the human eye to avoid complete embarrassment over the fact that you're a grown human with a job and a mortgage who's devouring cookies by the sleeve.

Oreo Thins will be available nationwide starting Monday, July 13th. They're $4.95 and come in Original, Golden, and Mint flavors. No word yet on Red Velvet Thins, but we can dream. 

If you'd like a free pack before Oreo Thins are available in stores, follow @Oreo and look out for a "Thinvitation" to enter.

Lucy Meilus is a staff writer for Thrillist and has been eating Oreo Thins for every meal for a week. She feels great! Get more amazing diet tips at @Lucymeilus and send news tips to