The people revolt as Panera replaces its baguettes with "dinner rolls"

The most important decision you make at Panera comes at the end of your order, when you're presented with a choice of three sides: apple, chips, or baguette. While people pretending to be healthy pick the apple and people with a salt dependency pick the chips, anyone there for the full carbs experience always chooses baguette. But Panera has sneakily been replacing the beloved bread with a "soft dinner roll" side, and no one is having it.

Outraged Twitter laureates have been shouting about the switch over the last few days. It's not clear if everyone has been hit with the dinner rolls yet, but the change has been attracting passionate haters across the social media board:

Panera's dinner rolls aren't exactly new -- they've existed in some form since at least 2012, though never in this kind of starring role. The good news is that the baguettes are apparently still available upon request. Why they've been demoted to secret menu status remains a mystery, but we're willing to bet those dinner rolls have a dad with deep pockets.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and usually gets the apple to justify all the other bread she eats at Panera. Follow her to baguette protests at @kristin_hunt.

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