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Photographer finds delicious way to test your sanity with Rorschach food blots

Normally, trying to eat a Roschach ink test would land you in the psych ward. But thanks to Esther Lobo's fantastic food blots, your shrink might have to get used to you licking his props.

Lobo, a photographer based in Madrid, shot these amazing pics as part of a series called "Rorschach". She didn't use any fancy Photoshop either -- these guys are all handmade ingenuity. To make them, Lobo plopped the foodstuff over paper plates and then bent them to create the symmetrical stains you see here.

If you'd like to make this intrepid food blotter an offer on her work, head on over to the lady's 500px profile. Just don't tell your psych major friend what you "see" in the soy sauce one. You'll never hear the end of it.