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Pineapple Jack-O'-Lanterns Are Here to Make Halloween Tropical

Published On 10/13/2016 Published On 10/13/2016
Pineapple Jack-o-Lantern
Konrad Mostert/Shutterstock

Tired of BORING old jack-o'-lanterns? Sick of the same old soggy pumpkins decaying on your front porch? Do you think Billy Corgan should be smashing tropical fruits in lieu of orange Cucurbitaceae?

Well, then maybe try carving a pineapple this Halloween. C'mon, man -- everyone is doing it. 

They bring the tropics to you!

Pineapples were considered a status symbol in the 1700s -- you could even rent the suckers out for the hour! This is bringing some of that pineapple-y class back to what is surely America's least classy holiday.

Some are goofy

Like this goofy guy. He's just plain silly.

Some are kind of depressed

This election cycle is really having an effect on everyone, even decomposing fruit.

There's a whole lineup of 'em right here

Which one is Keyser Soze?!

They are taking over some people's lives

They are more pineapple-lantern than man/woman at this point...

And some people really love them

Like this guy. I'm pretty sure this is permanent.

Here's how you make one, kids

Have fun! But not too much fun. This is Halloween, not Earth Day.

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