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This Woman Tried to Use Pizza as an ID and It Couldn't Have Ended More Poorly

pizza slice
Brian Oh/Thrillist

College students are known to get creative with fake IDs, often swiping them from a friend's second cousin's sister's sister that happens to have the same hair color as them. But, according to a local police blotter, one co-ed recently pushed what counts as an ID to new limits and attempted to get into a bar in Amherst, Massachusetts by using everyone's favorite late-night snack -- a slice of pizza. 

The inebriated woman presented the slice to the doorman, claiming it was her only form of identification. But the bar's bouncer refused to accept the pizza, claiming that food, no matter how delicious, does not prove that a person is legally old enough to drink.

The pizza-slinging woman disagreed, and slapped the bouncer in the face with her piping-hot midnight snack. She was then promptly slapped with a disorderly conduct charge when police arrived on the scene. 

The jury's still out on whether the slice was plain or pepperoni, but regardless, we're just hoping it wasn't deep dish.

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