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Pizza Is Obviously the Most Instagrammed Food in the World

Instagram has become a veritable haven of sepia-filtered sepia (the fish) and hashtagged hash browns -- but, well, one culinary staple sits atop the social media food pyramid: Pizza.

What were you expecting? Kale?

Yes, piping hot 'za was named as the most 'grammed food in the world, according to (possibly biased?) Italian site Tgcom24 and a study conducted by Italian chef Alessio Mecozzi and communications company Klaus Davi across the 300 million+ food photos posted to the photo-sharing behemoth. They found that out of those, 17 million photos captured and hashtagged the usually round, always delicious Italian essential. That's way more than any other food. The most popular 'za spot was New York City, and men were more likely to snap a pic of pizza than women. 

Why is pizza so damn popular? Maybe its because we eat it from the inside out (think about it), or that it applies across essentially all demographics -- from millionaires to paupers, sewer rats to teenaged-turtles, abandoned children in the back of limos, to that same child's Pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band 20 years later. It's just one of the mysteries of life.

Wait, no it's not. Pizza's just delicious.

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. He like his pizza like he likes his ladies: round, Italian, and slathered in cheese. Follow him @wilfulton

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