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This map shows the closest pizza place to any point in America

Whether you're an esteemed pizza researcher, or just a boring standard person who doesn't get government grants but still eats pizza, here's some data you can wrap your hungry brain around: this map, courtesy of, shows the closest pizza chain location (within a 10 mile radius) to anywhere in the US, in the form of colorful, digestible blips. These wizards harvested data from nine of the country's major 'za-slingers (Chuck E. Cheese, Cici's, Domino's, Godfather's, Little Caesar's, Papa John's, Papa Murphy's, Pizza Hut, and Sbarro) to piece together one of the most glorious rainbows ever seen -- and one that excludes large swathes of the Rocky Mountain states, an area that we will now refer to as the "Great Pizza Void". Now you know where to order delivery from! Some key takeaways from this:

  • Chuck E. Cheese delivers?!
  • Pizza Hut and Domino's are vying for national domination.
  • Seriously -- Chuck E. Cheese delivers?!?
  • Texas appears to be the only place with a plurality of Cici's. And yet they show their commercials everywhere! TORTURE, I SAY!
  • I refuse to order delivery pizza from an anthropomorphic mouse.