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Platinum Chainz: Where the Beastie Boys, Kanye West, and Earl Sweatshirt like to eat

Published On 07/22/2013 Published On 07/22/2013
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The chains rappers love most aren't always around their necks. They're often found in strip malls, airports, and combination Yum! Brands buildings. Yes, they love fast food, and they love freely rapping about it even more. So we dug deep into the lyrics of a group of hip-hop legends and found that, despite their golden tongues, all of these guys have downright Common tastes. Except for Lil Wayne, who splurges on Red Lobster every damn day. Our lineup: Kanye (“Touch the Sky”), Big L ("No Endz, No Skinz"), The Pharcyde ("Ya Mama"), Ke$ha ("C'mon"), Earl Sweatshirt ("Gamebreaker"), Riff Raff ("Nintendo Freestyle"), The Beastie Boys ("Slow Ride"), Wale ( “The Cliche Lil Wayne Feature"), Common ("Take It EZ"), Childish Gambino ("Love is Crazy"), and The Weeknd ("Material Girl"). Check out the totally-not-Photoshopped pics below, and see which burger place the Beasties got kicked out of.



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