Finally, Someone Made an Edible Poop Emoji

poop emoji donut
Courtesy of The Doughnut Parlor

In terms of cartoons depicting human waste, it's fair to say that the poop emoji has surpassed "Calvin peeing on a Ford logo" as the most iconic. And now you can finally have your poop emoji and eat it too thanks to a new donut from Rancho Santa Margarita, California's The Doughnut Parlor.

Owner Adam Vaun says the poop emoji donut has (not surprisingly) become its most popular donut quickly, probably due to the fact that people are texting it to their friends. You know, because it's an emoji! The delicious/hilarious-looking donut is a chocolate cake donut covered in a dark chocolate icing, with a spiral of chocolate buttercream to act as the poop. Those eyeballs are edible too, as they're made from candy.

If The Doughnut Parlor's poop emoji donut becomes even more successful, it might one day become the most Instagrammed food. Watch out, cake!

h/t The Orange County Register

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Lee Breslouer is a senior writer for Thrillist, and cannot wait to try that donut. Follow him to buttercream @LeeBreslouer.