Popeyes takes chicken 'n waffles next level with WAFFLE CHICKEN FINGERS

Just last week, if you'd asked us to rank the champions of things you eat after drinking way too much Red Dog fast food hybrids, Popeyes wouldn't be anywhere near the starting line-up. But all that's changed with their introduction of the Waffle... Chicken... Fingers

After presumably bugging out on spinach, Popeyes took a bunch of their signature chicken fingers and threw them in waffle batter before serving 'em up with fries and a honey maple dipping sauce. The inspiration supposedly came from the mealtime preferences of '40s jazz musicians in LA, who presumably also invented the Totino's Pizza Roll

You should probably watch the first ad for this fried hybrid wonder below, then start having breakfast-dinner all day, e'ry day...for a limited time only