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This is what a $55,492 potato salad party looks like

Back in the fabled days of July 2014, the Kickstarter community rallied around a young man with the completely achievable dream to make potato salad. He eventually closed with over $50k and a promise to throw a potato salad party for the ages. Dark silence followed, but just this weekend, Zack Danger Brown overtook Columbus, Ohio with a live music- and mayo-filled celebration.

PotatoStock 2014, as history will remember it, was held on Saturday, September 27th, and featured 3,000lbs of pure potato bliss. As the above photo shows, Brown was hard at work mixing the salad long before crowds flooded the Columbus Commons.

Along with copious cups of potato salad samples, the event had live local music, food trucks, beer vendors, potato sack races, and temporary tats reading "Spud Life"... plus these totally inedible potato plush toys.

By all (Instagram) accounts, it was a successful spudsy sequel to Woodstock, minus all the mud and hallucinogens. While the potato salad supplies were donated by the Idaho Potato Commission and corporate sponsors, Brown is currently teaming up with the Columbus Foundation to put some money towards charities that fight hunger and homelessness. And you thought nothing good ever came out of Kickstarter.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and hopes to see a $55,492 peanut butter cup party in her lifetime. Follow her to the crowdfunding campaign at @kristin_hunt.