Subway wrappers are now couture, thanks to this bonkers fashion show

New York Fashion Week wraps us today, and as usual it brought us one step closer to the Derelicte collection becoming reality. For a very special show called Project Subway that was held yesterday, four designers created dresses made out of Subway napkins, wrappers, and salad bowls. The weirdest part? They were actually kind of good.

This particular dress was the work of Danilo Gabrielli, who ended up winning the whole damn thing. His competitors included Jennifer Henry, Mariana Valentina, and Ainslee Bowers. Oh, and the panel of judges naturally boasted Nastia Liukin, Jared the Subway guy, and Scary Spice.
Project Subway was a part of Nolcha Fashion Week, a showcase of independent designers that takes place during the larger New York Fashion Week. Nolcha prides itself on being a "hot incubator of new fashion talent", so you might want to keep an eye out for the Subway collection in stores near you this Fall. Here are a few more selections for the racks.

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