Moreos are Oreos that let you pile on as much cream filling as you want. Now they just need to become real.

You have to hand it to Nabisco. After creating the most essential snack cookie of all time, the Oreo, they didn't just call it a day. No, they continued to blow our minds with the Double Stuf Oreo and the Candy Corn Oreo (each mind-blowing for very different reasons). But now one innovative Redditor has thrown down the Oreo gauntlet by presenting Moreos, the final frontier of twistable cookies. Reddit user EternallyXIII uploaded a beautiful photo series of an Oreo package with all the cream filling plopped into the middle and single chocolate cookies just waiting to be scooped. But then, something even more magical happened when PEANUT BUTTER got added to the mix.

Moreos with peanut butter

Weep and bow down before the excellence, mortals. Then heed Reddit's call to action and start petitioning the crap out of Nabisco to make these things real.