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Finally, a burger with tacos instead of a bun

Because you'll have to eat something besides a bacon weave taco to prep for Cinco de Mayo, the relentless madmen at Philly's PYT are here to offer you their formidable new Taco Bun Burger. For those who need further convincing beyond "Taco Bun Burger", the monstrosity starts with two whole tacos stuffed with cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, guac, salsa, jalapeños, and lettuce. Those tacos are then wrapped in a second flour tortilla that's stuffed with more melted cheddar and pepper jack. Then, of course, the tacos are used to sandwich a beef patty rubbed with a spicy taco blend and topped with sour cream, extra guac, and cilantro.

Despite all the gooey cheese and sloppy guac, PYT promises you can eat this thing with your hands. We have our doubts, but then again, we also had reservations about how high Woody Harrelson could jump.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer, and would like to formally request a Vine tutorial on how to eat this thing. Follow her to higher taco burger education at @kristin_hunt.