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Bacon Jalapeño "Quesomole" Is Coming to Qdoba

Qdoba Bacon Jalapeno Quesomole
Rebecca Feder/Thrillist

For too long, families have been torn apart over what to put on their tortilla chips: queso or guacamole? (This doesn't concern you, grocery store salsa.) In an attempt to bridge the divide, Qdoba is nobly rolling out "Quesomole," and you can even get it with bacon jalapeño bits.

The Bacon Jalapeño Queso is a new item all its own. It takes Qdoba's standard 3-Cheese Queso and adds in hardwood-smoked bacon with a dash of jalapeño. But if you want to get truly crazy, you can make it a Bacon Jalapeño Quesomole. This spin features a scoop of guac right in the center, and naturally comes with a side of tortilla chips. If bacon and jalapeño somewhere isn't your scene (Commie), you can still choose the 3-Cheese Queso or Queso Diablo as the cheesy base for your Quesomole. All these glorious toppings will hit Qdoba nationwide on March 10th, so start perfecting your chip-scooping technique now.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and thinks all weddings should feature queso fountains. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.