This Tiny Kitchen Gadget Turns Radishes Into 'Super Mario' Mushrooms


If we had to pick two universal childhood staples, the first would be your mother's constant nagging to "eat your vegetables!", and the second would be your unyielding addiction to Super Mario. And while your days of saving Princess Peach on a daily basis are probably long gone, you can still rejoice about the new kitchen tool that combines both Nintendo and vegetables in one: the Ravanello.

The tiny kitchen gadget is simple to use: simply slice a radish in half, twist the Ravanello to create the stem, scoop out two holes, and voilà: You've got a Super Mario mushroom. It's pretty cute, and besides -- wouldn't your half-hearted Paleo diet be a little easier if every salad looked like it was made by Toad himself? Hey, anything helps.

The tool is currently sold out, but determined buyers can keep refreshing the manufacturer's retail store here. Oh, and call your mom. She misses you, and would be happy to hear you've finally decided to eat your vegetables for once.

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Meredith Balkus is the homepage editor for Thrillist Video. Follow her @meredithbalkus