10 reasons you should be devouring Carl’s Jr.’s new all-natural burger

All-Natural Burger
Courtesy of Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is one of the foremost names in burger-dom (behind only Carl Sr., probably), but now they’re climbing further up the ranks by introducing fast food's first all-natural beef burger. To familiarize yourself with its fresh-to-deathness, click into those ingredients above then check out these 10 reasons to introduce your taste buds to this all-natural patty.

You like being first

We said it above: this is the first time a major fast food chain has offered an all-natural burger on the menu. Just like you were ahead of everyone else in the '90s when you showed up to school wearing billowy, sweats-like pants with tiger stripes on them, you can be ahead of everyone else now. But even though this burger is new, you can rest assured these guys know what they're doing, because...

Carl’s Jr. has been grilling beef patties for close to 70 years

What started as an L.A. hot dog cart in 1941 soon became a brick-and-mortar barbecue joint with burgers heavy in the mix before the first two official “Carl’s Jr.” spots opened in ‘56. So your buddy Phil adds Worcestershire to his cookout patties? Has he been perfecting his recipe since The Greatest Generation? That’s what we thought. 

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The cheese is natural

As slices of America ourselves, we all know that processed cheese can be delicious, but when you’re ready to step up your game, natural cheddar is waiting for you with open… curds.

You can go all-natural any way you want to

The basic All-Natural Burger comes with a 1/4lb patty, but you can also get a double, and you can substitute an All-Natural Burger patty for any burger on Carl's Jr. menu. Add this to your list of things that can only happen in America.

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Those tomatoes

Just like you weren’t quite ready for back row movie dates until twelve, these tomatoes aren’t ready until they’ve reached their proper age, brightness, and juiciness.

There’re super fresh red onions

While red and white onions have comparable nutritional benefits, the red fellas will give you more antioxidants, which will keep you feeling great, and kick the pants off all those pesky oxidants.

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The fresh lettuce brings the crunch

The fresh-as-those-tomatoes whole leaf lettuce gives your burger a wide spectrum of textures to crunch your teeth through. After all, crunch is the variety of life -- or something like that.

The beef is grass-fed

Grass-fed beef is a buzzword that follows through on its promise: the meat comes from cows that only feed on grass, as opposed to beef fed grains and corn. Plus, there are no added hormones, so the burger won’t start screaming at you for no reason and then apologize an hour later by saying, “Sorry, hormones.”

Baking bread
Courtesy of Carl's Jr.

The buns are baked fresh

The Carl’s Jr. All-Natural Burger comes standard in a fluffy white bread home that was baked the same day you ordered it (read: soft as hell).

You’re gonna eat three burgers per week anyway

That's roughly the national average. So rather than spending your hard-earned cash on steroid-addicted super-cows who taste like vanity because they stand around all day flexing their muscles over a calm pool of water so they can gaze at their reflection, spend it on something closer to what Mother Earth intended.