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Red Velvet Kit Kats Let You Have Your Cake, Eat a Candy Bar Too

Red Velvet Kit Kat
Kit Kat/Nina Gonzales/Thrillist

Kit Kats are delicious chocolate-covered wafers you can easily split in half and share with a friend (but never do). But in order to keep your attention in a crazy world where Oreo now makes a mind-melting candy bar, Kit Kat had to change things up. And change up it did, with new Red Velvet Kit Kat Miniatures, which the sweets-happy Candy Hunting Instagram account discovered.

If you've never had a red velvet cake before, let's break it down: It's chocolate cake dyed with red food coloring (though it does taste a bit different!) that's all decked out in cream cheese frosting. And now those same flavors are available in Kit Kat form! While Candy Hunting says the new Kit Kats won't be out until after Christmas, it looks like you can order them right now from Candy Warehouse (no relation... we don't think).  

We recommend buying 6,500 Red Velvet Kit Kats and filling your car up with them, making sure you'll be at least as cool as this guy.

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Lee Breslouer is a senior writer for Thrillist, and wants you to give him a break. Follow him to breaking off a piece of that Kit Kat bar @LeeBreslouer.