It's Your American Duty to Eat Red, White, and Blue Cake Stuffed With Pie

Courtesy of Charles Phoenix

This Fourth of July, forgo the excruciatingly basic apple pie à la mode in favor of something as patriotic as a bald eagle in a mini American flag top hat dropping red, white, and blue glitter from its wings.

Performer, chef, and lover of all things Americana, Charles Phoenix has created a Fourth of July version of the cherpumple (a dessert featuring different flavors of pies stuffed inside layered cakes). Phoenix's is called the Cherbluble, and features cherry pie, blueberry pie, apple pie, 3 boxes of cake mix, and 6 cans of cream cheese frosting topped with Pop Rocks and about a million American flags for very important decoration. In short, it's perfect. And if you're not making one of these for your Fourth of July celebration, you're basically un-American.

Check out Phoenix making the Cherbluble in the video below, and get the recipe here.

h/t Eater

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