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Walmart deli employee Shane relentlessly pranks his bosses

Legends can be born out of the humblest places. Smallville. Gary, Indiana. A Walmart deli. Redditor Ardentleprechaun recently posted the ballad of his coworker Shane, an indefatigable spirit who finds new, inspiring ways to mess with his Walmart bosses each day. Below, we picked out the best management messages to that mischievous Shane, a person we sincerely hope is real. Because if so, we've got some meats we'd like to get under warranty...

Advance reviews call Shane's all-bag production of The Glass Menagerie "inventive", if "a bit lifeless".

Jeez, Management, it's been called dissociative identity disorder for years. Read a book!

How did he get those seals to sit still?!

Well excuse him for trying to conserve our nation's lumber supply.

You got your Blu-ray player "sample" last week, so hurry over to Shane's Walmart before all the subwoofer samples are gone!

For the rest of Shane's shenanigans, head over to the Reddit thread.

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