This French toast is stuffed with s'mores, Sandlot references

For anyone who thought the tiramisu French toast had just the right amount of gluttony, but not enough marshmallow, comes s'more-stuffed French toast. Graciously shared by Redditor halfaxas, this beast ditches boring strawberry cream-cheese stuffing for a marshmallow, graham cracker, and Lindt chocolate filling sure to simultaneously delight your breakfast crew and confound Smalls. The recipe is thankfully included, and even comes with a video tutorial so you can't possibly screw this up -- even if you have no idea who Babe Ruth is.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist. She had to delete approximately 12 extra Sandlot s'mores jokes, because she has no self-control. Follow her to Wendy Peffercorn's pool at @kristin_hunt.