Say hello to maybe the greatest hot dog ever created

The Most American Hot Dog Ever

After a grueling day and a half of voting as 16 fierce and delicious competitors fought it out, the truth is mightily apparent: Atlanta's bearded wonder and Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie has created The Most America-est Hot Dog. It starts with Boar's Head tubesteaks that get covered in cornbread batter and deep-fried, before getting slapped on a bun that's been broiled in duck fat, then covered in peaches & cream slaw and his proprietary chili sauce and, to prove he's really American, mustard. Here's how he won America's stomachs:

Boar's Head pork and beef frankfurters

We start things off by skewering these Boar's Head pork and beef frankfurters, because who knows what's in the wieners you've been eating.

cornbread battered hot dog

The beef/pork link gets the state fair treatment and is dipped in cornbread batter that will...

corn dogs

... become the golden-fried deliciousness you see before you. But the party doesn't stop here.

hot dog buns

Rather than eating this bad boy on a stick, it's going between these buns that've been broiled and covered in duck fat. Yes. Duck fat.

Kevin Gillespie's spicy chili

All the while, Kevin's special, proprietary, spicy chili sauce (take that, Sonic!) has been simmering and just waiting for it's time to shine... in your mouth.

Georgia peaches and cream coleslaw

John Keats would be totally impressed by Kevin's ability to do two contradictory things (heating things up with a blend of hot mustard & onion, and cooling it down with a blend of locally sourced Georgia peaches & cream slaw) at the same time and not be destroyed.

Kevin Gillespie making a hot dog

Gillespie is ready to smother the competition, much like he's doing to this dog via some mustard.

State Fair vs. Drive-In hot dog by Kevin Gillespie

Just like Voltron whenever the Drule Empire is acting up, it's time for the State Fair vs. Drive-In Dog to be assembled.

State Fair vs. Drive-In hot dog by Kevin Gillespie

And there you have it: a dog that wouldn't be any better if it was served by a pretty girl on roller skates. But, whenever possible, you should totally get it served that way.