How to make any room smell like bacon, courtesy of your phone

Scentee bacon phone notifications

No one wants the iPhone alert that their emotional lipdub of Katy Perry's "Roar" just went viral on Facebook, but now they can at least cushion the shameful blow with the sweet smell of bacon. Scentee, a new Japanese smartphone plug-in, releases a burst of fragrance with all your texts, calls, and app notifications... and pretty soon one of those scents will be sizzling pork deliciousness

Scentee plugs into the headphone socket of your iPhone or Android and, when prompted by its app, puffs out your aroma of choice. The current line-up includes coffee, cinnamon roll, apple, coconut, and corn soup (!!), but the future smells are even more exciting. Beginning November 15th, a limited-edition Korean BBQ collection rolls out with two meat and one baked potato scents. And the Scentee lab experts are currently hard at work on the most crucial fragrance of them all -- bacon -- meaning one day ALL your calls from Mom can smell like breakfast.