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You know you want to contribute to the Sex on the Table - Love in a Jar Indiegogo for "horny haute" cuisine

Normally clicking on a link to "Sex on the Table - Love in a Jar" would lead to deeply uncomfortable explanations to your sister in law about the state of her iPad. But this time around it actually refers to a line of aphrodisiac food products from Swiss import Chef Fed, and he's looking to bring them into your home (presumably with some smooth saxophone backing) through his Indiegogo project.There's already a "Sex on the Table" cooking school based in NYC where Chef Fed teaches ten students how to make sexy, organic dishes, but he's looking to take this operation national by selling his stuff en masse. His inaugural foodstuffs line-up, which you'll get to sample if you contribute $20 or more, includes a steak sauce infused with ginger and cilantro (and finished with mango), a roasted pumpkin seed pesto with parsley and sun-dried tomatoes, garlic-infused grapefruit chutney with ground coriander, and thyme-infused raspberry jam with a hint of peanuts. Be sure to read the fine print, too: Each jar comes with a tag explaining exactly what each food does to your body.Five percent of Fed's proceeds will go to a charity that feeds the homeless in his neighborhood, so if someone calls you a sleaze for stockpiling sensual jams, remind them you're an awesome philanthropist...with a sensual jam issue.