Watch Shaq make holiday treats with an Easy-Bake Oven

Tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos are out. Giant basketball legends making tiny desserts are in! Shaq -- having conquered the worlds of basketball, Shaq-Fu, rap, ESPN, superheroism, and being a genie -- has emerged with an incredible video of himself making bread pudding and tea cakes -- tea cakes!! -- in an adorably tiny Easy-Bake Oven. And though there's a reason -- he and Mashable are raising awareness for kids who don't have toys this holiday -- Shaq might just beat Christopher Walken to a cooking show in the event that those Kazaam residuals stop rolling in and he needs a new gig. Check it out here:

Andy Kryza is an editor on Thrillist's Food & Drink team. He thinks he could beat Shaq at cooking, free-throws, and Shaq-Fu for Genesis any day. Follow him to none of that ever happening via @apkryza.