Sick of cronuts? Here are the 10 new breakthrough pastry-hybrids.

Everyone knows that the Cronut craze is getting out of hand. It's spawnedcountlessknockoffs, popped up in cities around the country, lied about its drug usage -- all of it. The time to discover the next crazy pastry hybrid is nigh, and we've come up with a few possible ideas for what could become our nation's next flaky, delicious addiction

  1. Croissant + Muffin = Cruffin
  2. Danish + Bagel = Dangel
  3. Doughnut + Toaster Streudel = Doughster Streunut
  4. Kouign-Amann + Scone = Scouign-Amone
  5. Pie + Cake = Pake
  6. Sfogliatelle + Croquembouche = Sfogembouchatelle
  7. Profiterole + Mille-Feuille = Prolle-Fitereuille
  8. Baklava + Waffle = Wafklavle
  9. Hamantaschen + Cannoli = Hannoli
  10. Cookie + Doughnut = Dookie

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And if you're not yet over those tasty croissant/donut hybrids... Check out more Cronut knock-offs around the world on our interactive Cronut- (and Cronut impostor-) finding map.