Skittles sausage: Butcher creates actual meat candy for the Seahawks

Skittles sausage
Adam Lapetina

Sure, you could go ahead and name your firstborn "Beast Mode", but you still won't be as awesome a Seahawks fan as a team of butchers who have channeled their pride into a crazy-weird new sausage. In a nod to Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, Blue Max Meats is shilling links loaded with Skittles, allowing you to finally taste the pork rainbow.

In case you hadn't heard, Lynch is kind of obsessed with Skittles -- seriously, he wears them on his shoes -- so the Puyallup butcher shop decided to create a novelty Beast Mode sausage loaded with candy in the lead-up to Super Bowl XLVIII. The sausage has proven so popular that it's constantly selling out, and even has customers lining up in the early hours for a taste (suck it, Cronut!). The photo you see above is most assuredly not the Blue Max Meats original (we made it ourselves, and it was super gross), but you can see how the real deal is made below:

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