The must-eat Sriracha burger is back

Last year, Millennials faced their greatest fear: A national Sriracha shortage. To comfort those fears -- and to contribute to the shortage by using a staggering amount of the condiment -- SoCal chainlet Slater's 50/50 launched the Sriracha Burger, a hulking tribute to Huy Fong's glorious creation. Fans went nuts, and when fears subsided, the burger vanished into a heroic memory. Until now.

Beginning Tuesday, August 5 (in honor of its appearance on Food Paradise), Slater's resurrects its spicy, beautiful monstrosity, which will hold court for the entire month. Said monstrosity starts with Slater's signature half beef/half ground bacon patty with rooster sauce blended in, then piles on the spice in the form of Sriracha coleslaw, Sriracha mushroom sauté, Sriracha-glazed thick-cut bacon, Sriracha mayo, and a squirt of Sriracha on top for good measure (there's also pepper jack, for good measure). So, yeah... the Great Sriracha Draught of 2014 is imminent.

Andy Kryza is a senior editor on Thrillist's food & drink team. He will probably require an upper GI endoscopy as a direct result of writing this. Follow him to outpatient adventures via @apkryza.