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Taquitos are $25, water is $105 at these Arctic grocery stores

Your local grocer might be sneakily jacking the price of Doritos (he knows where you're most vulnerable), but his inflation is nothing compared to the price-gouging going down in Northern Canada. Redditor thenewyorkgod recently spread some of the more outrageous price tags from Arctic Canadian towns, which have been suffering price spikes for a number of years now. As you can see above, your frozen taquito addiction would quickly bankrupt you in the Great White North. But $25 snacks are a steal compared to bottled water. Here are some other insanely expensive foodstuffs. 

When it's $10-$17 per bell pepper, Fajita Thursdays turn into a once-yearly event.

Yes, but how much for ketchup chips?

It's a sad day when the orange juice for your mimosas costs far more than the fine bottle of Andre you purchased for the occasion.

You read that correctly: $105 for bottled water. Someone send an emergency helicopter of Britas over there stat.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would cry if her potato chips cost $10. Follow her to the discount aisle at @kristin_hunt.