The Genius (and Useful) Reason Spaghetti Spoons Have Holes

Spaghetti spoon

Cooking pasta usually begins with three distinct steps: 1) measuring out the amount of pasta you think you'll need, 2) realizing you were really, really, really wrong about the amount of pasta you thought you needed, and 3) saying "screw it" out loud, and heading to Taco Bell

However, a recent Imgur post may have just lit our collective pasta mis-measuring world ablaze, as user PolarChi -- who may or may not have lifted this sucker from My Smoko Break, according to the watermark in the photo -- told us all that that little innocuous hole in a spaghetti serving spoon is perfectly suited to dole out a single serving size of pasta in one stress-free swoop.

Is it legit? Looks like it! Spaghetti-spoon hole size isn't regulated so there's bound to be discrepancies among brands, but the amount of pasta that can fit through an average one certainly seems on par with the half cup recommended by the USDA. At the very least, it will take the matter of measuring out of your own probably incapable hands. Try it for yourself! Or don't, I'm not the pasta police. 

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. This is the most useful hole he's seen today. Follow him: @wilfulton.