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SpaghettiOs just released its first new flavor in 20+ years: CheeseburgerOs!!

Published On 07/16/2013 Published On 07/16/2013
SpaghettiOs CheeseburgerOs

SpaghettiOs, the delicious canned "pasta" that likely dominated your early adolescence unless you were like Queen Elizabeth or something, is back in the news with a brand new flavor, its first in more than two decades. After 20+ years of brainstorming, what did the crack team come up with? Oh nothing, just some honest-to-God, 100% real CHEESEBURGEROs

That's right, you can now buy SpaghettiOs with cheeseburger bits?/chunks?/flavoring? mixed right in. Or at least you can if you're near a Target or Wal-Mart that's on its game. CheeseburgerOs are already on shelves at some of those stores, and will be more widely available in supermarkets by next month. Seeing as this is the Campbell company's first new variety since PizzaOs and CheesOs debuted in the '80s, you owe it to your SpaghettiO forefathers to get a can and be part of history in the making.



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