It’s that time again, when we find an epic party spot and take it over for a full weekend of food crushing and beverage tippling. Welcome to Hotel Thrillist. This year we’re posting up at the W Scottsdale, and we’ll be bringing you updates all weekend on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Friendster.

We already tantalized your taste buds with a spread of drool-worthy shots of the food at our Friday night Phoenix feast. But some of you guys couldn't make it this year, and we wanted to show you just how delicious this bounty was through videos of someone noshing away. As for who that someone should be... well we look like Lord of the Rings goblins, so we did everyone a favor and enlisted the help of someone who is pretty much the exact opposite of that: SI Swimsuit veteran Genevieve Morton. We set all the dishes in front of her and filmed the whole scarf-fest. Watch below to see some choice moments.


Bacon Beignet

Covered in Chocolate Sauce, courtesy of Cowboy Ciao


Festival Taco

Roasted tomatillo chicken, sweet & spicy cornbread, and honey vinaigrette, courtesy of Gadzooks Enchiladas and Soup


Monte Cristo

Vanilla-battered English muffin topped with Swiss cheese and shaved tender belly hame, courtesy of Snooze, an A.M. Eatery


Boot Dumpling

Pork belly smother in moonshine barbecue glaze, courtesy of Bootleggers Modern American Smokehouse


Boss Hog Burger

Classic beef patty topped with BBQ pork, bacon, and chipotle slaw, courtesy of Hopdoddy Burger Bar


Southwest Smoked Salmon Tapas

Southwest cream cheese, chopped veggies, and salmon on a potato pancake, courtesy of Chompies


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