Sriracha2Go is the only thing you need on your keychain

Tired of your emergency bottle of rooster sauce exploding all over your backpack? The team of spiceheads at Sriracha2Go is here to help feed your addiction, while also keeping your wallet clean, with their essential line of mini hot sauce bottles.

S2G is a 1.25oz container that arrives as an empty vessel. Just fill it up with your preferred sauce and prepare to dazzle your friends with your pocket-sized stash of spice. You can buy a single bottle for $7, stock up with a shipment of three for $15, or really go nuts with a case of 10 for $35. (Only don't hound the postman if your S2G takes a while -- due to demand, the company says you should allow 30 days.) Some might see a bottle of Sriracha on your keychain as evidence of a serious problem, but really, it's way more useful than a stupid Swiss Army knife.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is personally very proud of the polar bear she has on her keychain. Follow her to NatGeo swag at @kristin_hunt.