Starbucks Is Going to Start Selling (Really Good) Pizza

Hearing that Starbucks is bringing pizza to its menus might conjure images of flatbreads sitting next to cake pops in a case all day. But it turns out, the coffee juggernaut's move into pizza territory is cause for celebration, as Starbucks is bringing Princi -- a high-end Italian mini-chain beloved by pizza eaters around the world -- to the States. The pizza will be served in select cafes plus standalone Princi restaurants.

In a video that aired at the company's biennial investors presentation, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said, "I've traveled the world and I've been exposed to great food and great culinary experiences. Of all the great culinary experiences I have had, there are none that come close to what Rocco Princi has done."

The standalone spots will operate just like their overseas counterparts. But bringing a high-quality pizza experience to select Roastery and Reserve cafes will mean the installation of in-house ovens as well as specialty bakers who will only focus on cooking Princi staples like focaccia and pizza. So yes, it is going all-in on the concept. 

You can expect all this to roll out in early 2017 in Seattle, New York, and Chicago. So, um, maybe start looking for jobs in those cities.

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