Stoner sushi: Colorado chain offers weed pairings with their rolls

The first week of legal pot just wrapped up in Colorado, and after assuring each of its citizens that their hands are really not that weird, the state counted a staggering $5mil in sales. Unsurprisingly, local businesses are trying to get in on that action, most notably Hapa Sushi, whose clever weed-and-sushi "pairings" are aweso-- ha! Sorry, we were just thinking how funny it'd be if everyone had catcher's mitts instead of hands. What were we saying?

Created by the ad geniuses at TDA_Boulder, Hapa Sushi's weed pairing campaign points customers to the entrees that'll go best with their pot of choice. For instance, Blue Dream is made for katsu curry, while new style sashimi really goes best with Platinum Cookies. Even better, Hapa Sushi assures its discerning pothead patrons that their dining room is "ergonomically designed" to reduce paranoia and that they will not turn away diners discussing how cool pets are.

They've got locations all over the Boulder/Denver area, so get your butt over there.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist. She declines to comment any further on weed and sushi pairings, as she has her political career to consider. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.