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This Stroganoff burger is better than the actual dish

Stroganoff might be a dish you haven't thought about since your Mom made you Hamburger Helper back in middle school. But all that's about to change, because: a) you're presumably an adult who cooks their own food, and b) The Food in My Beard is here with the Stroganoff burger, and it's gonna totally reinvent the way you think about egg noodles.

Gastronomical wunderkind Dan Whalen (creator of the scallion pancake burger and cinnamon roll stuffing) is at it again, this time deciding to put his own spin on the weird-bunned burger trend by making them out of egg noodles and topping them with a beef patty, caramelized onions & mushrooms, and a cream sauce. Now that's something that doesn't need any help to be delicious.

You can find the full recipe at Dan's site, here.

Adam Lapetina is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and wishes he had a beard to get this food in. Read his musings at @adamlapetina.