Study: Some Brits Think Cheese Comes from Pigs and Farmers Smoke Pipes

Apparently, plenty of British people have no idea where their food comes from.

A report obtained by Thrillist from Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) demonstrates that Brits hold several ridiculous misconceptions about farming and food. The study polled 1,000 UK adults about their farming knowledge, and, to begin with, 14% surveyed said their understanding of farming came from Emmerdale, a soap opera set in a fictional Yorkshire Dales village. Bad start.

Those surveyed also seemed unable to grasp that farmers have modernized along with the rest of the human race, as 10% thought every farmer smokes a pipe, and 24% thought all farmers wear tweed jackets. In 2015. BTW, this study was published this week.

As if that's not bad enough, of 1,000 UK children polled, 33% were not aware that pork comes from pigs, but far worse, 5% believed cheese comes from pigs, and 2% believed potatoes come from pigs. Meanwhile, 5% of children surveyed said strawberries grow in the fridge.

We're not sure which sounds less appetizing: fridge-grown strawberries or pig cheese. It's like British kids live in Roald Dahl books or something.

The report calls these children "the generation that hasn’t heard a cow moo," as 33% of children surveyed had never heard a sheep baa or a cow moo up close, the majority only knowing the sounds from their TVs or computers. LEAF believes these misconceptions stem from the fact that many of the poll's participants had either never visited a farm, or had not visited one for at least five years. The organization is holding Open Farm Sunday on June 7th to educate people about modern farming and allow them to see it in action. Because clearly, they need it.

Never forget the tweed-wearing farmer and his pig cheese.

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