Suck on a breast milk lollipop. Seriously.

Lollipops bring back all sorts of old memories, from trips to the bank counter with mom, to Halloween bounties, to Tha Carter III. Thanks to Lollyphile, they can now call forth long-forgotten memories of... breast-feeding. Yep. Keep reading.

Lollyphile Party Girl lollipop

Since 2007, the SF/ATX-based company has been churning out creative flavors ranging from absinthe to chocolate bacon to Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, all photographed while being licked by the most galactically dreamy hitch-hikers imaginable.

Lollyphile breast milk lollipop

And now after what must've been some issue-unearthing research by their flavor specialists, Lollyphile has taken the &A out of their T&A with a limited run of vegan pops that contain no actual breast-milk, but are flavored to taste just like the real stuff, which is reportedly sweeter than normal milk -- so just like a Lil' Wayne groupie, you'll want to lick the wrapper.