Everything You Need to Know About the Super Silver Haze Weed Strain

Can’t tell the difference between White Widow and Purple Urkle? Wondering what exactly’s in the Blue Dream you just smoked? We've created detailed profiles for each of the most popular, sought-after weed strains, in order to help cannabis users everywhere understand the different plants they’re smoking, eating, or otherwise consuming. Up next: Super Silver Haze.


(Skunk #1 x Haze C) x (Northern Lights #5 x Haze C)

Place of origin

Originally bred by legendary Australian-Dutch breeders Nevil Schoenmakers and Shantibaba in Amsterdam, the original plants from all of the parent strains are of Californian origin.

Approximate THC content

High (20%-25%)

What to expect

Though to most users, "haze" implies an extremely racy experience, most versions of Super Silver Haze that you’ll see have a solid indica base, courtesy of the Northern Lights and Skunk part of the lineage, that grounds the experience quite a bit. Despite that, SSH offers a very creative, cerebral, happy experience while still retaining an underlying body relaxation. It’s perfect for an active day, especially if you have recurring aches and pains, migraines, or stomach problems that tend to slow you down. SSH is akin to a much-needed grease for the body’s gears, making everything just a little bit better.

Super Silver Haze weed strain, cannabis, trichomes
Ry Prichard

How to spot it

Because several different seed companies have released versions of this strain over the years, you will see some variation in examples of SSH. However, the distinctive aroma is probably the biggest indicator, as well as the light, almost neon-green color normally contrasted with prominent jack-o'-lantern orange stigmas (hairs).


Sweet pine, menthol, and citrus candy are all appropriate descriptors for the complex, tangy cocktail of aromas present in a well-grown Super Silver Haze. There's a reason this variety has won a ton of Cannabis Cups and been a fixture on the cannabis scene for the better part of 25 years: the smell and flavor are deep and lasting. Even the air smells better after you smoke a Haze joint.

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Ry Prichard is a freelance cannabis photographer and researcher who loves Haze more than just about anything. Follow him into the Colorado cannabis jungle @cannabisencyclo.