Finally, a Sushi Roll You Can Share With 100 Friends

The world's longest sushi roll stretched an obscene 8,273ft (which is just impractical, if we are being honest with ourselves).

But the monstrosity above -- created by California's renowned Sushi Chef Institute -- may take the title of girthiest piece of sushi ever rolled, in the vein of other "big-for-no-reason" foods like these giant soup dumplings. And if I have learned anything over my 27 years of life, it's that girth almost always trumps length... in most cases.

Not much is known about the oversized roll -- is it a party favor for a Super Sweet 16? A demonstration of rolling prowess by one of the world's preeminent sushi academies? An example of how the "go big or go home" ideology can be taken too far?

One thing is for sure, the sushi creation definitely uses more seaweed than a makeshift Little Mermaid costume, and there seems to be at least a few pounds of rice stuffed in, too. Hopefully none of the fish in there is phony... this being from the literal Sushi Institute, after all. 

Your guess about how to eat it is as good as mine, but you can always use pool cues as chopsticks, right? It's probably the only way you could fully utilize a trough full of soy sauce. 

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