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Gandolfini mourned at Holsten: Ice cream shop reserves a table in honor of Tony Soprano

When HBO's famous stogie-chomping mobster passed away last night, sad fans weren't sure what to do. Feed some ducks? Watch a History Channel documentary? Hop on the New Jersey Turnpike and blast "Woke Up This Morning"? Luckily, Holsten's, the ice cream shop where that little-discussed final Sopranos scene was filmed, paid just the right tribute with a simple "reserved" sign in Tony's old booth

Locals packed in the parlor last night to see the sign, grab sundaes, and reminisce over their home-state hero James Gandolfini. (People also flooded Satin Dolls, the real-life Bada Bing!, for an entirely different mourning experience.) The AP put together a pretty great video of the fans and Holsten's staff reactions, so even if you couldn't make it out last night -- or were tied up over at Satin Dolls -- you can feel like you were at the presumably Journey-heavy memorial.