Sleep in a Crunchwrap with Taco Bell sheets

While the country prepares itself mentally, spiritually, and gastronomically for the nationwide roll-out of the Taco Bell breakfast, a handful of lucky fans have been receiving secret missions from their very own TBell "Breakfast Phones". The chain sent out the burners to 1,000 spies last week as part of their publicity campaign and have been issuing text directives to the group ever since. The missions are more of the low-stakes "tweet your favorite Taco Bell breakfast item" variety, but they can score you prizes, such as hoodies, pajamas, and, now, A.M. Crunchwrap Bed Sheets.

While the bedsheets are just for the Breakfast Phone people, the non-bedsheet version of the A.M. Crunchwrap (available starting March 27th) ditches the Supreme's beef and sour cream for eggs, bacon, cheese, and hashbrowns. If you've got a Breakfast Phone, or have plans to steal Chrissy Teigen's, make sure you hustle now for this tasteful home decor.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist and has been having A.M. Crunchwrap fever dreams for quite some time. Follow her to Taco Bell dreamland at @kristin_hunt.