Taco Bell Launches Biscuit Tacos, and Fritos Tacos Could Be Next

Biscuit Taco
Taco Bell

In a move that will no doubt disrupt the morning ritual of Belgian expatriates the world over, Taco Bell is saying “adieu” to its year-old waffle taco. But don’t worry: that hole in the menu means there’s now room for the biscuit taco.

Debuting Thursday, the biscuit taco is exactly what it sounds like: a biscuit shaped like a taco. It’s filled with a choice of eggs, sausage, or T-Bell’s new tortilla-breaded fried chicken, which is served with jalapeño honey sauce. And lest you think that T-Bell’s simply rolling this sucker out quietly, they’ve renewed their blitzkrieg assault on McDonald’s breakfast through ads depicting a world where breakfast is controlled by a terrifying army of clowns, marking the first time clowns have ever been portrayed as anything other than delightful.

If that weren’t enough, the restaurant is supposedly also in the testing phase of its long-rumored Fritos taco, which is just like a Doritos Locos Taco, but with Fritos. Still no word on our proposed Bloomin’ Funyun idea, though.

Andy Kryza is a senior editor on Thrillist's Food & Drink team, and is eagerly anticipating a Doritos Locos Biscuit. Follow him to orange fingers: @apkryza.