We tried Taco Bell's new Sriracha menu

Taco Bell Sriracha Taco
Matt Shaw

Our culture is fast approaching peak Sriracha -- the hot sauce equivalent of Nicki Minaj songs currently on the radio. The latest evidence is Taco Bell’s new menu made with Sriracha Crema, a creamy take on the super-spicy chili sauce.

As of now, the menu is only being in tested in Kansas City, currently making it the second-best thing about Crown Town (Editor's Note: the first thing must be that Paul Rudd took a selfie with the Royals). We sent the guys behind Lunch Blog KC to give us a report on the new rooster-infused items.

Taco Bell Sriracha Nachos Supreme
Matt Shaw

Sriracha Nachos Supreme

Behold: a pile of chips topped with Sriracha ground beef, beans, tomatoes, and a trio of nacho cheese, sour cream, and Sriracha Crema. One of these is a sauce too many, and it’s hard to even care which.

Would this be better if you topped their nachos with actual Sriracha?
They’re nearly always sog city by chow time, so we recommend steering clear. On an unrelated note, Sog City would be a killer nickname for Seattle.

Taco Bell Sriracha Taco
Matt Shaw

Sriracha Taco

In a world where both Doritos Locos Tacos and Sriracha Lay’s exist, it’s not enough to throw Sriracha Crema on a crunchy taco and call it a day. Taco Bell, you have the technology to blast a shell with Sriracha goodness. Do it.

Would this be better if you topped a taco with actual Sriracha?
Absolutely. Plus, they loaded it up with way too much Sriracha Crema. If you order one, maybe ask for “a light globbing”.

Taco Bell Sriracha Quesarito
Matt Shaw

Sriracha Quesarito

It’s a quesadilla wrapped around a burrito filled with Sriracha ground beef, rice, sour cream, and Sriracha Crema -- and it's the item where the Mexican and Thai components best achieve blissful harmony. It’s like a fried-rice burrito, with the melted cheese and tasty burn of the Sriracha Crema balancing nicely to spread a lingering heat.

Would this be better if you topped a Quesarito with actual Sriracha?
No. From concept to execution, this is fast-food transcendence.

Taco Bell Sriracha Crema
Matt Shaw

The verdict

The Sriracha Quesarito is a keeper. The other stuff was fairly middle of the road. But since this is the chain that can make so much out of mostly the same six ingredients, we have faith that with a little more work, Taco Bell can pioneer intriguing new directions in Sriracha innovation. And we’ll be there.

Of course, we’ll be there regardless, but that’s beside the point.

Robert Bishop was going to crush the Sriracha menu even before Thrillist asked him to. Read more at @robertbishopkc and LunchBlogKC.com.