Taco Bell tests Chicken & Waffle and Very Berry tacos, world's mind explodes

OK, Taco Bell -- we get it. You're crazy. We were intrigued by the Doritos Locos Tacos. The Waffle Taco scrambled our brains. But this? News recently dropped that T-Bell locations in Orange County are testing out two new types of nook-and-crannied tacos: Chicken & Waffle and Very Berry... and dammit, we want them to catch on!

Jumping on the apparently unavoidable chicken & waffle bandwagon (the most delicious form of transportation we could possibly imagine), Taco Bell's first new Frankenfood is composed of a fried chicken tender in their folded waffle taco shell, and is available with syrup or country gravy. The Very Berry taco, on the other hand, which is the one not covered in gravy, combines strawberries and blueberries atop a bed of whipped cream, which sounds almost healthy enough to be suspicious. What are you planning, Taco Bell?! Tacos made entirely of vegetables?! Quit playing games with our gravy-clogged heart

Our ravenous correspondents are tracking them down now -- a taste-test and a full photo spread are coming soon. Stay tuned.