Behold what's certainly the most delicious Taco Bell hybrid that doesn't involve Doritos or Shaq: the Waffle Taco. Constructed with a savory sausage patty and confoundingly fluffy scrambled eggs, encased by a soft yet slightly crispy waffle bent to look something like a taco shell, and complemented by a packet of maple syrup that you're just supposed to dump all over the damn place, it's been selling like hotcakes (an item Taco Bell does not currently make tacos out of) in five test locations in Central and Southern Orange County, which is exactly what anyone who wishes to see these things on regular basis wants. “We’ve had a lot of great feedback,” said Juan, general manager of the Newport Beach location where the morsel -- priced at a reasonable 89 cents, despite using zero ingredients you've ever seen at any Taco Bell before -- is served. Part of the chihuahua-owned chain's new "First Meal" breakfast initiative, the Waffle Taco sits a couple notches above your average fast-food breakfast item -- slightly sticky, as the above photo evidence proves, but overall muy delicious. As one of our testers put it, comparing it to a McDonald’s McGriddle, “It leaves me satisfied rather than a little bit sick to my stomach.” As another one put it: “The waffle is actually crispy on the outside. I’d put it in the Eggo class.” As yet another put it: "Please don't quote me in an article on fast food breakfasts. It’s mine!" The testing phase was only supposed to last six weeks but, thanks to demand, has been extended for at least two more. After that, the Waffle Taco won't become widely available until early 2014, if ever. Pray for 2014. Orange County locations serving the Waffle Taco: 23651 Rockfield Blvd Lake Forest, CA 92630 14042 Red Hill Ave Tustin, CA 92780 2222 Barranca Pkwy Irvine, CA 92606 4101 Jamboree Rd Newport Beach, CA 92660 2246 S Grand Ave Santa Ana, CA 92705



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