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Taco Trucks Build Their Own Wall Outside Donald Trump's Vegas Hotel

Donald Trump might be getting his controversial wall a little sooner than he expected. But unlike the Republican candidate's proposal to physically block off the country’s southernmost border using Mexican funding, this barrier is being paid for by hungry Americans.

Early this morning, a caravan of five Nevada-based taco trucks began to line up outside the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas. The ambush is part of a bigger protest put on by members of Culinary 226, a union of local hospitality employees that's been outspokenly against Trump's anti-labor stance, business practices, and politics since joining the Culinary Union last year. While the trucks are gathering today, the actual demonstration -- dubbed #WallOfTacos -- will be held all day on Wednesday, October 19th to mark the date of the last presidential debate.

According to the flyer, tomorrow's rally will run from 10-11:30am and include faith leaders, Trump Hotel workers, and folks from the area with a serious bone to pick -- chicken or otherwise. Even better, all tacos will be on the house.

That's right. Free speech and free tacos. This is the kind of rally we wish would happen on both sides of the aisle.

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Meredith Heil is a staff writer for Thrillist. She's at the Trump International, ask for her. She ain't never scared -- she's everywhere, The Donald ain't never there. Follow her lead @mereditto.